releaz offers the opportunity to owners to acquire liquidity through the sale and leaseback of their properties, while retaining at the same time the right to repurchase them.

The rental is for a minimum 5-year period at a pre-agreed annual rent, at owner’s discretion, ranging from 4% to 6% on the cash proceeds. Owners have the right to repurchase their properties within the 5-year period at pre-determined repurchase prices depending on the cash proceeds, the annual rent and the year of repurchase. Owners terminating the rental prior to the end of the 5-year period or defaulting under their lease-back agreements, forfeit automatically their repurchase option.

The terms of the rental and the repurchase option are agreed upon at the time of the property acquisition and are included in releaz’s notarial contracts, thus providing legal protection to all transacting parties.

1. Listing process



Register with the releaz platform and input basic property information:



releaz appoints independent accredited valuers to ascertain your property’s market value. You get notified for approval of the valuation through your personalized dashboard before proceeding with the next steps of the listing process.



Select the cash proceeds you wish to receive (up to 90% of agreed market value) and the annual rent you will pay (4-6% on cash proceeds).



The releaz team performs technical and legal due diligence as well as professional photoshooting of your property. Once completed, you receive the property folder (including all reports, photos, 360 views and floorplans).

Now your property is officially listed online and is ready to accept offers!

2. Transaction process

Instant reservation

Your property can be instantly reserved if an investor proceeds to checkout at the listed price by paying the required down payment. In this case, you cannot decline the reservation and you are obliged to proceed with the completion of the transaction.

At that point, the property is no longer available for sale.


An investor may select to submit an offer at a lower price than the one you listed. You will have five days to make a decision, which can result in:

3. Closing process

The releaz team brings you and the investor in contact so that you can start preparing the necessary documents for the completion of the transaction. 


Transaction fee


plus VAT

is charged upon completion of the transaction

Listing fee


plus €1 per m2

is charged prior to listing and covers releaz’s expenses for the legal and technical due diligence, professional photoshooting and property folder