releaz enables investors to purchase properties at a discount to their market values securing attractive and pre-determined rental yields and ROIs.

How it works

Why invest through releaz?


Independent property valuation

The market value of all listed properties is ascertained by RICS independent valuers. 


Discount to market value

Properties are purchased at a lower price than their market value. 


Attractive investment yield

Investors earn fixed monthly rents and benefit from pre-determined exit multiples when the repurchase option is exercised.


Inspected properties 

The releaz team performs technical and legal due diligence on all properties before listing. The relevant reports become available on the property page once a reservation or a valid offer has been completed.


Instant purchase or offer

Investors can reserve a property or submit an offer online.


Closing Services

The releaz team offers investors the opportunity to undertake all tasks for the completion of the transaction on their behalf.